Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is the process?

Initially, all of our clients have a free consultation. We discuss their requests, as well as their concerns and their expectations. We help and guide our clients to the best treatment options that will help them achieve the outcome they desire, taking into consideration their medical and mental health.

How long will my treatment appointment take?

This can vary, depending on the type of treatment requested.

In the first appointment you will have a free consultation which can take between 40-60 minutes including the requested treatment. Once we get to know you, then any future treatments can take less time, usually 20-30minutes.

In general, we take all the time needed to achieve the best outcome for each of our clients and we will not rush any client.

Will I be sore, swollen or bruised afterwards?

With most of our procedures we use a topical numbing cream, that helps to reduce any expected pain. We also carefully explain to our clients, what to expect during any treatment. At Italia Aesthetics we are proud to provide a 24/7 post care medical support to help with any concerns or complications after any treatment.

What will happen if I stop having treatments?

Mainly the effect of the treatment you had before will fade and avoiding further treatments should not cause any future problems or complications.

How long will the effects of my treatment last?

This mainly depends on the type of the treatment. Usually, Botulinum treatment can last up to 4 months, but it can differ between clients for various reasons. Dermal Filler treatments can last longer, mainly depending on the type of filler used and the nature of the treatment.

Will people be able to tell I’ve had treatments done?

This depends on the treatment requested and on the client’s wishes.

At Italia Aesthetics, we mainly aim to enhance natural beauty and natural looks, and we always guide our clients to have the treatment that will achieve the best outcome.

How safe is treatment? Are there any side effects?

All Aesthetic procedures are safe if done by the right practitioner with the right expertise, that will enable him/her to deal with any possible complications or side effects that might arise.

Any possible side effects should be discussed before any treatment during the consent process.

At Italia Aesthetics, we have the medical expertise that will deal with any possible complications or side effects.

Why should I choose Italia Aesthetics for my facial aesthetics treatments?

Our aesthetics treatments at Italia Aesthetics are tailored and personal to each of our clients. We listen carefully to our client’s requests, concerns and expectations and we make sure that we guide them and help them to achieve the best outcome. We get to know our clients through their aesthetic journey with us and we make sure that they feel valued and well looked after.

At Italia Aesthetics, we provide the combination of medical and beauty expertise coming together to give the best aesthetic results to our clients

Italia Aesthetics are proud to provide a 24/7 medical post care support after each treatment, making sure our clients are safe and well looked after.